The Kindful Twins

About Us

Born as built-in-besties from birth, Amy & Stayc are not your average twins from the Gold Coast… One is a bare footed, crystal wearing, health obsessed yoga teacher. The other; a surf infatuated, fitness freak, heavy metal enthusiast & creative girl boss.

One shows her love by hugging everyone she meets, the other through terrible jokes and sarcastic compliments.

Both obsessed with their dogs, the ocean, natural wellness & making people smile, Amy and Stayc are the perfect ‘Buy One Get One Free’ combo.

“Through the cultivation of mindfulness (being aware of ourselves, our actions, thoughts and words in any given moment), we are naturally more inclined to be kind. Kind to others, the planet and most importantly to ourselves.” – Amy

For the first 9 months of their life they shared a womb, today they share a dream – to make the world a more kind, loving and compassionate place. But not through something new and unheard of. Not through charity or some whiz bang technical advancement. No, they believe that change can be brought about through much more simpler means: Mindful acts of Kindness – They call it ‘Kindfulness’.

Amy & Stayc believe that change begins within and that happiness is an inside job. The say that the cultivation of mindfulness, self-love and giving back is one of the most simple, easy and effective ways to influence the world for the better.

Both Amy & Stayc always knew that they wanted to do good in the world and make a difference, but they never knew how. From this desire The Kindfulness Project was born.

“We believe that kindness should not only be random and spontaneous. Instead, kindness should be a conscious, deliberate, daily habit – it should be as important & necessary as brushing your teeth and washing your undies!” – Stayc

“In todays society, I think that people have forgotten or lost touch with the simple power of their own presence and the impact that they, as an individual (& as a collective community) can have on the world at large.” – Amy

Amy & Stayc say that it is not only their mission to bring awareness to the power of kindness but it is their responsibility. They believe that together, as a collective community or partners-in-kind, we can make waves that the future groms/the next gen will be stoked to ride. Waves of kind deeds, mindfulness, self-awareness and expressions of love.